Writing my school essays at the moment, but thought I should take a break to update you on my exciting silver smithing class. My teacher was Victoria Delaney and I think I put up a link to her webpage in my last post, here it is again, she’s amazing and young (wasn’t expecting that after viewing her work and achievements).

It was a cosy class, we were supposed to be 3 students but Jack (who seems to be a serial defaulter) didn’t show. I shared the class with Angela, a retired teacher, who is also a student at a sculpture class. She is in the process of building a massive Red Indian head out of metal cans. She has attended some jewellery classes so she knew lot more about the processes, but I tried to soak up as much information as I could.

Our project was to create cufflinks out of a sterling silver sheet and chain, I decided I wanted mine to be amoeba shapes, instead of regular everyday shapes but during the course of cutting and shaping, Victoria decided mine looked more like clouds, so clouds they became!

Here are the pictures from the journey :), I don’t think I’ll be able to take this many again as it was quite distracting, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the class.

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January, has come and gone and 2012 is on its way to the end.

It was a great month all in all, I had exams, beaded a little for a jewellery party (I haven’t hosted yet) and did a bit of research on jewellery photography and birthstones.

Learning about Garnet, the Birthstone of January was fun. Most people associate Garnet with burgundy as it was named after the red seed of the pomegranate fruit, it is said that the stone signifies everlasting friendship, constancy & trust and wearing the birthstone associated with your date of birth would bring good luck and protection.

Although the more prominent garnet is the deep red gem, it comes in all colours except blue and I have fallen in love with the green hued variety called Tsavorite.

I made two pendant necklaces in honour of this shade of garnet for the Jewellery party, the first one called the snow king I used as a banner at the top of this post and the second called the wishing well would be put up after I tell you about my ‘photography’.

My pictures are improving albeit slowly and I’ve come to appreciate those who practice the art of photography in a professional capacity. I recently opened a store on Etsy, an online community that celebrates all things handmade and I’ve been taking pictures for both my Facebook page and Etsy shop.

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How have you been?

Hear ye! hear ye! *ringing bell* the Auction of Strawberry Cheesecake is about to commence…..

Do  you remember I promised an auction of Strawberry Cheesecake? you don’t?

Well, let me try to get you up to speed.

Strawberry cheesecake is not a desert, but a bracelet I crafted and mentioned On November 27th 2011 in a post titled ‘Laugh at yourself……no one can do it better (Strawberry Cheesecake)‘.

The thing is I had ordered charms for a charm bracelet and unknowingly I ordered Thomas Sabo inscribed charms. I therefore promised to make a strawberry cheesecake inspired bracelet, and  when I asked whether I should auction them, you all said YES!

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The new year is here and along with it come new plans, aspirations, ideas and best of all new jewellery!

I spent the last month doing the following things (in no particular order):

  • Preparing for exams
  • Taking the exams
  • Taking a 10 day holiday
  • Conducting Research on DSLR camera’s and macro lenses
  • Working on my ‘Starting your business 101’ tips
  • Making the Strawberry Cheesecake bracelets for the auction

Exams are now over, so I have time to indulge my creative juices and create! create!! create!!!


Transformed is pleased to introduce its jewelery line *drum-roll please* ——–> Baiyé

Baiyé is a luxurious handcrafted jewelry line.

Each unique item is carefully crafted and intricately worked to produce.
one of a kind pieces that are rarely replicate in limited editions.

These works of art are made from the finest of materials;
high quality gemstones, freshwater pearls, sparkling crystals and quality beads.

Baiyé pieces are great additions to any wardrobe as they are precious gifts and sentimental keepsakes.

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NTP: Winners

Quick update: It was discussed amongst the transformed crew and we came to the conclusion that since we have only two suggestions by Shyne and Farah, they both win a pair of LULU earrings.

The winning name though is Shyne’s ‘Terreverte: Green Earth’ and with Farah’s permission we believe we have the perfect piece to be called Avani Lantern, a 10carat gold bracelet with green and gold dust swarovski crystals that Farah’s definition best describes.

Please email us at etransformed@live.co.uk with delivery details for your earrings, and promise to send us a picture with you in your earrings for our blog updates.



The proposed ‘Avani Lantern’ framing a green and gold swarovski cross.

NTP: Name This Piece


Busy crafting two pairs of the Lulu for my friends Lanre and Jaiye (Nita’s cousins)…I’ve got to re do one cluster, so I’m taking a break and decided to start a new category on my blog called “NAME THIS PIECE“.

I’m going to put up a piece once a month (I hope), and ask you guys to suggest names for it. We’ll then vote the best name and the winner …… gets a prize.

The piece I’ve put up today is a green multi strand, multi bead necklace that I made in 2006……I was going to call it clover and blog about the clover leaf, its significance and all, till my friend Ife shoots the Idea in the leg. The necklace she states, apparently isn’t coloured ‘clover’, it’s a darker shade of green.

So I’m leaving the naming game to you guys, Suggest a name within the next 48 hours and on Thursday the 4th of August, 2011 we all vote the best name. I would declare the winner on Friday the 5th of August, 2011.

The person who suggests the winning name gets a FREE gift.

Guess what it is….


So I declare NAME THIS PIECE open!!!

Get naming 😀

NB: updating with my bb, so I don’t think the picture is showing right, u’d have to click on it to see the full image, till I can rectify the issue on my laptop. Have fun guys.

Morning everyone,

Just wanted to drop a quick post. Anyone ever heard of the Nigerian Blog Awards? While checking them out I realised there’s also a Naija Blog awards, who’d have thought.

Anyway my friend Jaiye told me about her cousins blog and its pretty funny and cool: http://www.chocolatechutzpah.wordpress.com

She’s been nominated in 5 categories and we’d really l☺ve her to win them, so please visit her blog and vote at:

I hope I’d be nominated in a few, when my blog is up and running and has paid its respects.

Luv y’all.


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