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Birthstones are said to have healing powers, Amethyst the birthstone of February is believed to alleviate migraines and soothe the nervous system. Since purple is also considered to be the colour of creativity, an Amethyst in your workspace is supposed to enhance the creative juices in you. So  I decided to test out this theory and buy myself an Amethyst, the other powers of Amethyst can be found here.

The ancients believed that carrying or wearing the birthstone of a particular month during the month, would boost health and protection. Over time this belief has evolved and today we identify ourselves with birthstones assigned to the months we were born i.e. I was born in September so my birthstone is the lovely blue Sapphire.

I originally bought the piece of natural amethyst above to test the theory of  health, protection and creativity but  changed my mind as I realised I really did not believe in the theory and would therefore be the wrong guinea pig for this test. I’m a Christian so I honestly don’t believe in the theory of Stones having  powers.

So as not to waste this beauty, I wire wrapped it and added a 4mm purple Swarovski bicone, creating gorgeous pendant and I’m going to give it to the winner of the jewellery party raffle.

All attendees of the Jewellery Party that held on the 6th of February, 2012 are eligible to win this beautiful Natural Amethyst Pendant and Chain Necklace.

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Hi transformers!!!! (hahaha, that sounds so silly)

How has everyone been? drop me a line when you can, it would be nice to hear from you.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the strawberry cheesecake bracelet, it’s not done yet as our ‘Dear Friends’ haven’t delivered the Sterling Silver bracelets yet. But not to worry I’ve got Mischa to introduce to you at the end of this post.

I just finished watching a rerun of The X factor UK and one thing struck me…

…people kept talking about being yourself and letting the real ‘you’ shine through. I think this is a cliche

When you tell someone ‘Be yourself’, the usual responses are

‘yeah, yeah, be yourself’ …… followed by a smirk

‘of course I’m myself’

why wouldn’t I be myself?’……. and all the other defenses people give

I just checked the definition of cliche to explain the ‘be yourself phrase’ and it is very apt

A sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse

Wow!….Lost originality, ingenuity and impact……that is so true, no one really takes you seriously when you tell them to be themselves, but it’s really important advice.

The sad reality of it is that most people who aren’t themselves today, pretend to be what they are not, to please others. This doesn’t endear them to you, it pushes you away.

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Crystal Seven


How’s everyone doing?

Its such a wet and dreary day, I sympathise with you if you live in Lagos, this rain means serious business. It started at 5:20am in Lekki yesterday and hasn’t let up.

Couldn’t get home last night, although my house was 7 minutes away. I wore wellington’s in my friends car because the car was flooded, :s  can you imagine water sloshing at my feet every time he pressed the brake’s?.

I’m tempted to put up pictures from yesterdays hazard but I’ll limit myself to just one…this particular one looks too fake to be true but its one of the consequences of being ‘posh’ and living on the Island.

Talking about Posh, I heard Posh Beck’s had a baby girl…..and guess what the little angel is called HARPER SEVEN!!!

Really? *sigh* I hear Harper was chosen because the name has a nice sound to it and Seven chosen as a second name because she was born on the seventh month at about 7am, and her Dad’s (David’s) jersey number was 7.

I’m showcasing a piece in tribute to the oddest baby name I’ve heard in a while, the piece is called…


Crystal Seven

*Grammy award winner’s voice*

I’d like to thank God, Harper Seven and my blog followers for this inspiration. I named it Crystal Seven because Crystal has a nice Sound to it and Seven because my birthday is on the 7th of September….and also because I’m showcasing it in July.

Crystal Seven is made of swarovski crystal (crystal is the generic name given to colour by Swarovski) and 0.925 sterlin silver head pins, I haven’t attached the clasp in the pictures below but I intend to use 0.925 sterlin silver clasp.

The bracelet is made up of a Swarovski Crystal Bar, 2 Swarovski Crystal Cubes, 2 woven Swarovski Crystal Balls (made up of 16 Swarovski Crystal Bicones) and three sizes of swarovski bicones for the end. I bought these pieces randomly over a period of four months; the bar and some of the bicones, I got at the Swarovski Crystalise Store, off Regents Street in London and the cubes and smaller bicones I got at a store in Lagos.

Here are the pictures of Crystal Seven…the first one shows the original pattern……although I changed my mind as soon as I started crafting.

Have fun today people! 😦 the rain is still having its way,

#whispering so the rain God’s don’t hear: I hope the rain stops so I wouldn’t need a canoe to go home tonight.

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