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Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away, school’s been tough. I took sometime off jewellery to concentrate and then went on a retreat to Iona last week. I’m working on a rose quartz and 24 carat gold antique piece at the moment, it has taken forever for the bits and pieces to arrive in the mail, I’ll upload another picture as soon as its done. I’m now using a slate slab I found on a beach on the trip as my work top.

Guess what I did last week; I took off on a spiritual journey, I went with student’s from the chaplaincy of University of Warwick and Coventry to an amazing Island in Scotland called IONA……I’m still floating down a cloud of euphoria.

It was quite ‘THE’ journey, it took us most of the day to get there as we took 3 trains to Oden, then took a ferry from Oden to Mull, a bus across the Isle of Mull, a final ferry to Iona, getting there at about 6pm.

We lived at a place called the McLeod center, where we all had to pitch in with setting tables, serving food, cleaning up and looking after each other. The best bit was we started and ended our day with a service at one of the most amazing Abby’s in the world…

The island is where the missionary Columba went on self enforced exile from Ireland, it is also the resting place of many kings. I met a jewellery designer resident on the Island Mhairi Killin, she does amazing work, artwork incorporating fabrics and beautiful jewellery, you can see some of it here.

Here are a few pictures I took in Iona.

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Birthstones are said to have healing powers, Amethyst the birthstone of February is believed to alleviate migraines and soothe the nervous system. Since purple is also considered to be the colour of creativity, an Amethyst in your workspace is supposed to enhance the creative juices in you. So  I decided to test out this theory and buy myself an Amethyst, the other powers of Amethyst can be found here.

The ancients believed that carrying or wearing the birthstone of a particular month during the month, would boost health and protection. Over time this belief has evolved and today we identify ourselves with birthstones assigned to the months we were born i.e. I was born in September so my birthstone is the lovely blue Sapphire.

I originally bought the piece of natural amethyst above to test the theory of  health, protection and creativity but  changed my mind as I realised I really did not believe in the theory and would therefore be the wrong guinea pig for this test. I’m a Christian so I honestly don’t believe in the theory of Stones having  powers.

So as not to waste this beauty, I wire wrapped it and added a 4mm purple Swarovski bicone, creating gorgeous pendant and I’m going to give it to the winner of the jewellery party raffle.

All attendees of the Jewellery Party that held on the 6th of February, 2012 are eligible to win this beautiful Natural Amethyst Pendant and Chain Necklace.

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Cherry Pie Shortcake :D

Following the success of yesterdays party, I sold another Strawberry Cheesecake bracelet today (A Valentines gift *wink* which I boxed and wrapped for a lucky girlfriend). Apart from the sales yesterday, I had 3 other custom orders.

I’ve been working on one of the 3 custom orders, they belong to a really funny Romanian called Alex, who is jewellery crazy.  Alex wanted to custom order the Cherry Pie bracelet below, but she preferred the sterling silver bracelets I used for the Strawberry Cheesecake bracelets above, so I worked some of my magic for her.

I’ve finished it now and it has been put on the wrist of a happy customer, I decided to call it ……*drum roll please*

Cherry Pie Shortcake

Here are pictures of the Updated Version.

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Keys of My Heart

I was racking my head for a name for this cute pair of earrings which I really love and the name that popped into my head was ‘Keys of my Heart’, maybe it’s the Valentine air that’s causing me to think in love terms but today I am going to get a little personal.

The common saying is ‘Key to my heart’, this got me to thinking……Do women actually have ‘A’ key to their hearts? Just one key?………………. I really doubt that. I’ve heard it said that women are like Onions…..they have many layers or should I say WE have many layers. Our hearts are more like bullet proof Security doors; you know those ones with the dead lock at the top, the 3 key holes, the slam bolt and lastly the slide chain? It’s more like that.

I think every guy would agree with me when I say it takes so long to scale through all those hurdles and get all those locks open, I cant blame them when they’re triumphant , they can finally say ‘YES! I’ve got the KEYS to her heart’.

Even in simple friendships I know when I say hi, smile and you smile back and we have a conversation, that’s just one bolt I’ve unlocked. You have to work a little harder for me to unlock the bolt of trust, loyalty and a host of other things.

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January, has come and gone and 2012 is on its way to the end.

It was a great month all in all, I had exams, beaded a little for a jewellery party (I haven’t hosted yet) and did a bit of research on jewellery photography and birthstones.

Learning about Garnet, the Birthstone of January was fun. Most people associate Garnet with burgundy as it was named after the red seed of the pomegranate fruit, it is said that the stone signifies everlasting friendship, constancy & trust and wearing the birthstone associated with your date of birth would bring good luck and protection.

Although the more prominent garnet is the deep red gem, it comes in all colours except blue and I have fallen in love with the green hued variety called Tsavorite.

I made two pendant necklaces in honour of this shade of garnet for the Jewellery party, the first one called the snow king I used as a banner at the top of this post and the second called the wishing well would be put up after I tell you about my ‘photography’.

My pictures are improving albeit slowly and I’ve come to appreciate those who practice the art of photography in a professional capacity. I recently opened a store on Etsy, an online community that celebrates all things handmade and I’ve been taking pictures for both my Facebook page and Etsy shop.

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How have you been?

Hear ye! hear ye! *ringing bell* the Auction of Strawberry Cheesecake is about to commence…..

Do  you remember I promised an auction of Strawberry Cheesecake? you don’t?

Well, let me try to get you up to speed.

Strawberry cheesecake is not a desert, but a bracelet I crafted and mentioned On November 27th 2011 in a post titled ‘Laugh at yourself……no one can do it better (Strawberry Cheesecake)‘.

The thing is I had ordered charms for a charm bracelet and unknowingly I ordered Thomas Sabo inscribed charms. I therefore promised to make a strawberry cheesecake inspired bracelet, and  when I asked whether I should auction them, you all said YES!

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Hi transformers!!!! (hahaha, that sounds so silly)

How has everyone been? drop me a line when you can, it would be nice to hear from you.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the strawberry cheesecake bracelet, it’s not done yet as our ‘Dear Friends’ haven’t delivered the Sterling Silver bracelets yet. But not to worry I’ve got Mischa to introduce to you at the end of this post.

I just finished watching a rerun of The X factor UK and one thing struck me…

…people kept talking about being yourself and letting the real ‘you’ shine through. I think this is a cliche

When you tell someone ‘Be yourself’, the usual responses are

‘yeah, yeah, be yourself’ …… followed by a smirk

‘of course I’m myself’

why wouldn’t I be myself?’……. and all the other defenses people give

I just checked the definition of cliche to explain the ‘be yourself phrase’ and it is very apt

A sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse

Wow!….Lost originality, ingenuity and impact……that is so true, no one really takes you seriously when you tell them to be themselves, but it’s really important advice.

The sad reality of it is that most people who aren’t themselves today, pretend to be what they are not, to please others. This doesn’t endear them to you, it pushes you away.

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I haven’t blogged since August!!!!!! :O

Hello you!

yes you! ….. I know you’ve missed me.

I have been meaning to put up a post, it’s not like i didn’t want to, but had to settle into a new phase.

What Phase? you ask……..

Masters!!!!! \=D/

Yes, I started Masters!!!!!!

I went back to school *sigh*, studying for an LLM (Masters: Law).

I know I should sound excited but anything that isn’t ‘Transformed’ or has to do with ‘Transformed’ isn’t THAT exciting ( just kidding).

So here I am in my nice cosy looking but cold room, the sun shining through my window, thinking about my day and the reading I have to do. I live in school and I’ve got a really nice room on the top floor of my building, you should see the view……..

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NTP: Name This Piece


Busy crafting two pairs of the Lulu for my friends Lanre and Jaiye (Nita’s cousins)…I’ve got to re do one cluster, so I’m taking a break and decided to start a new category on my blog called “NAME THIS PIECE“.

I’m going to put up a piece once a month (I hope), and ask you guys to suggest names for it. We’ll then vote the best name and the winner …… gets a prize.

The piece I’ve put up today is a green multi strand, multi bead necklace that I made in 2006……I was going to call it clover and blog about the clover leaf, its significance and all, till my friend Ife shoots the Idea in the leg. The necklace she states, apparently isn’t coloured ‘clover’, it’s a darker shade of green.

So I’m leaving the naming game to you guys, Suggest a name within the next 48 hours and on Thursday the 4th of August, 2011 we all vote the best name. I would declare the winner on Friday the 5th of August, 2011.

The person who suggests the winning name gets a FREE gift.

Guess what it is….


So I declare NAME THIS PIECE open!!!

Get naming 😀

NB: updating with my bb, so I don’t think the picture is showing right, u’d have to click on it to see the full image, till I can rectify the issue on my laptop. Have fun guys.


I’ve never been of the notion that colour has effects on people but there are quite a number of studies and articles on the effects of colours on your mood and behavior.

Some say a person’s mien is based on the colours they put on, while others say looking at a particular colour affects a person’s psyche.

I’m not a big fan of green, but my male colleagues kept complimenting my green top yesterday, one actually told me ‘green is your colour’ and advised that I get a wardrobe overhaul and buy green things….yeah right… I’d want to dress like a nature enthusiast every day.

I remember the crystal shopping spree I went on last month, I found a gorgeous string of tumbled sea green aventurine, the first thing I thought apart from the fact that they looked like sweets……..was ‘Serenity’. The beads had such a calming effect on me, it brought to mind a warm summer day, a whispering breeze and the sweet smell of flowers, sand and surf. I’m not sure it was the colour but I was willing to find out.

Tumble Sea Green Aventurine

I got online and stumbled across this site and I was surprised at what I found out;

GREEN they say represents balance. Its positive effects are harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium and peace.

Its negative effects are boredom, stagnation, blandness and enervation.

An excerpt from the page says;

“Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful. Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance – a more important concept than many people realise. When the world about us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water, and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green, on a primitive level. Negatively, it can indicate stagnation and, incorrectly used, will be perceived as being too bland.”

Really??? so the aventurine caused me to be calm? Hmmmn…….

I’m not sure about its effects but I knowI prefer sea green to other harsh shades, Isn’t the colour of this watch to die for? 

Sea Green watch

Here are some pictures of the sea green necklace I made with the aventurine. (ignore my amateur photography skills)
Necklace is made of: Tumbled sea green Aventurine, blue hand cut glass beads, Blue zircon Swarovski bicones, gold balls and 9 carat gold heart link chain.
Finally done with this post, it’s been such a busy week….ended up putting it together in bits and pieces.

tty soon.


 Anyone have ideas on what to call this piece?

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