Welcome to “eTRANFORMED”, the electronic version of my jewellery brand “Transformed”.

I’m Angelbaiye a lawyer / jewellery designer /  girl next door / Company owner and future Empire CEO, hehehe. I handcraft chic, bespoke, one of a kind jewellery as a hobby.

It all started with wanting to pair odd shapes and colours together to brighten up my look, I’m a black beauty, so bright odd colours really set off my skin tone.

I work with all sorts of semi-precious stones, from fresh water pearls to Swarovski crystals, aquamarine balls, turquoise beads, agate, garnet, citrine and a host of precious and semi precious stones.

I aim to make pieces that can’t be copied or re-made, so as to preserve the exclusivity of my pieces.

So join me on my quest to make one of a kind pieces, I’d love your comments, observations, additions and suggestions.