Its snowing!!! *doing a little jig* I couldn’t update my blog  last night because……..I’ve caught the snow fever and I was out last night taking pictures.

I’m in love with the landscape and I love how everything changes when its covered in snow! As I walked to my first semi snow-fight, I could not help humming ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ and smiling because I realised its more of a white valentines this year than Christmas.

These pictures have me craving for a DSLR, so I intend to pick one up this week *finally*…..I hope you like them. Enjoy

Down the Slope

Crystal Bridge

The Litter Box !!! 😀

Inside the Snow globe

Definitely Not the Beach



When it Snows it Flutters

Snow Frame

Going Up?

Man, Car, House.

When I walk, You walk, We walk together.

I sink alone.

I had fun taking and editing these pictures. Now to go and put the finishing touches  on plans for The Dinner Table.