Had such a fulfilling day today.

Went shopping for nick nacks for my jewellery party display and found the most amazing things, in the most unlikely places, the picture above is a glimpse of part of the display but you don’t get to see the whole thing yet, you’ll have to wait for the pictures on facebook :p.

Got in from dinner and Bible study a few hours ago and we talked about friendships.

The word friendship is now so dilute, it means very little to so many people. Others don’t value the tag and take liberties, hurting others along the way. Social media such as Facebook and twitter have helped make it possible to have “fast food” friends, fleeting internet relationships with no substance. People estimate and value themselves on how many friend’s, followers or ‘voltrons’ they have and not on how many friendships they have been able to build.

Friendship is a lot of hard work, its a ‘Dinner for two‘ where both parties have to invest, time and effort to help it survive. Some people are lucky and may have friends that they don’t keep in touch with, but who have remained constant through thick and thin, this is probably because of time that has been invested in the past.

We (this generation) have lost the values of good communication…… you know, letter writing, phone ‘conversations’ and spending quality time talking about everything and nothing.

Tonight each person shared a story about what we thought was a highlight in our lives, and a girl actually said her’s was hand writing a letter today and posting it to her boyfriend. It sounds silly, but when last did you write a letter? We’ve all been thrown into the Jet age and a ping to say Happy Birthday is sufficient, even normal, most people just change their Blackberry status messages to HBD ******, HBD??? is it so bad that a 1 minute call to say the full words Happy Birthday is asking for too much? let’s not mention the fact that you were reminded of the birthday by Facebook.

I know I am very BAD at keeping in touch, I don’t pick my phone often, call, text or ping often (if at all), but I still take time out for my friends and do whatever I can when I can and as such I have some steadfast friends who’ve stuck with me through my good, bad and irritating times and I’d like to say Thank you.

I also added a new word to my vocabulary today ‘FRAMILY’ (friends who’ve become like family)….to all my framily (you know yourselves) who’ve given me all the love and support I need, giving me advice, encouraging my craft, reading my blog, retweeting my posts, calling me up to check up on me and all in all watching my back….I love you guys.

Got to go to bed now.



P.S. Shout out to akaHiphop and lesleyCarter: bloggers who have been liking my posts, Thanks.