I was racking my head for a name for this cute pair of earrings which I really love and the name that popped into my head was ‘Keys of my Heart’, maybe it’s the Valentine air that’s causing me to think in love terms but today I am going to get a little personal.

The common saying is ‘Key to my heart’, this got me to thinking……Do women actually have ‘A’ key to their hearts? Just one key?………………. I really doubt that. I’ve heard it said that women are like Onions…..they have many layers or should I say WE have many layers. Our hearts are more like bullet proof Security doors; you know those ones with the dead lock at the top, the 3 key holes, the slam bolt and lastly the slide chain? It’s more like that.

I think every guy would agree with me when I say it takes so long to scale through all those hurdles and get all those locks open, I cant blame them when they’re triumphant , they can finally say ‘YES! I’ve got the KEYS to her heart’.

Even in simple friendships I know when I say hi, smile and you smile back and we have a conversation, that’s just one bolt I’ve unlocked. You have to work a little harder for me to unlock the bolt of trust, loyalty and a host of other things.

I had a conversation today that got me thinking, do women actually hold on to these keys because they think love is a game? Or do they see them as rewards they hand over for effort and hard work? What of our hard work? Do we get keys in return? If I am willing to go the extra mile and put in that little bit are you handing over your keys too? I’m sure most guys would say yes and they’ve got just 1 uncomplicated key, but that is not necessarily true. We take a while, yes but then we let our guards down and open up but you guys think its an ego trip to hold your cards close to you, I know so many guys who would blame girls, infidelity for their locked up statuses, some even say its because they have been hurt before……really? seriously?

Anyway I don’t  have answers to these question, just thinking aloud, like I said it must be something in the February air ……..

What do you guys think? Leave a comment. Last question do you think I picked the right name?

These lovely earrings are approximately 6cm long, each comprising of 2 keys and a 3 mm burgundy Swarovski cube dangling on a steel chain attached to a sterling silver earring stud. The earrings are also representative of the more popular garnet hue and can be given either as a January birthstone gift or a February Valentines gift.