January, has come and gone and 2012 is on its way to the end.

It was a great month all in all, I had exams, beaded a little for a jewellery party (I haven’t hosted yet) and did a bit of research on jewellery photography and birthstones.

Learning about Garnet, the Birthstone of January was fun. Most people associate Garnet with burgundy as it was named after the red seed of the pomegranate fruit, it is said that the stone signifies everlasting friendship, constancy & trust and wearing the birthstone associated with your date of birth would bring good luck and protection.

Although the more prominent garnet is the deep red gem, it comes in all colours except blue and I have fallen in love with the green hued variety called Tsavorite.

I made two pendant necklaces in honour of this shade of garnet for the Jewellery party, the first one called the snow king I used as a banner at the top of this post and the second called the wishing well would be put up after I tell you about my ‘photography’.

My pictures are improving albeit slowly and I’ve come to appreciate those who practice the art of photography in a professional capacity. I recently opened a store on Etsy, an online community that celebrates all things handmade and I’ve been taking pictures for both my Facebook page and Etsy shop.

You should see the sort of tips I’ve garnered,

  • Natural light is the best light for photography
  • Macro mode on a digital camera should be used for Jewllery photography
  • A plain white sheet (or in my situation a pillow case) can remove the reflection of the sun in pictures
  • Jewellery looks a lot better at angles and with depth perspectives
  • Two or four white folders can be used to set up a makeshift studio
  • The light from a study lamp with a pillow case in front of it, creates soft light for jewellery pictures at night.

Here are a few ‘shots’ of my make shift studio and Pictures of the Snow King and Wishing Well Necklaces.

These are one of a kind pieces which you should own! You can order now (
or send your valentine the link to order for you) by leaving a comment here or on the Baiye Facebook page.

Exit January and Enter the month of Love 🙂



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