The new year is here and along with it come new plans, aspirations, ideas and best of all new jewellery!

I spent the last month doing the following things (in no particular order):

  • Preparing for exams
  • Taking the exams
  • Taking a 10 day holiday
  • Conducting Research on DSLR camera’s and macro lenses
  • Working on my ‘Starting your business 101’ tips
  • Making the Strawberry Cheesecake bracelets for the auction

Exams are now over, so I have time to indulge my creative juices and create! create!! create!!!


Transformed is pleased to introduce its jewelery line *drum-roll please* ——–> Baiyé

Baiyé is a luxurious handcrafted jewelry line.

Each unique item is carefully crafted and intricately worked to produce.
one of a kind pieces that are rarely replicate in limited editions.

These works of art are made from the finest of materials;
high quality gemstones, freshwater pearls, sparkling crystals and quality beads.

Baiyé pieces are great additions to any wardrobe as they are precious gifts and sentimental keepsakes.

This is my way of implementing the second tip form  ‘Starting your business 101: B-Brand Identity’, I’ve defined the brand and I’m presently working on the Logo and packaging of the brand. Please visit and like the Facebook page.

I’ve finished and delivered the Quaye II piece to a satisfied customer and for the first time I managed to get some fantastic shots of the  piece. The piece is available on order via the Facebook page or in the comment box below, they would soon be available at our Etsy shop and website.

Here are two shots of the Quaye II below:

Quaye II NecklaceQuaye II
Quaye II

Quaye II on Model

I have really enjoyed all the research I’ve done on cameras,who would have thought that in a few weeks I’d be so knowledgeable about cameras.

Now I know that a DSLR camera is a Digital Single Lense Reflex camera, I know I need a macro lense for my jewellery photography and I can chat about the DSLR’s benefits over a normal compact digital camera.

I am torn between getting the Nikon D3100 or the Canon EOS Rebel T3i (aren’t they beauties):


Any suggestions Ideas, likes and dislikes? Let me know what you think, I’m still a novice though.

Have a wonderful new year