Once again another month has arrived!!! Not just any month but the month of joy, good tidings and lots of cheer. The month of present’s, holidays, Christmas carols and decorations.

Deck the halls!!! Its the month of December!!!!

It herald’s the end of an age and ushers in the coming year, it is a time of celebration…………….the time of CHRISTMAS! when gifts are exchanged and Christian’s celebrate the coming to earth of their Saviour.

Its also a time of sullen reflection on the past year, hopes and dreams, plan’s and intentions, aspirations and promises of change…………….

It can make you quite sad………….

It has been one of those cold and long day’s, I slept really late last night……come to think of it, I didn’t sleep till early this morning.

I went to bed after reading and I just could not shut down, so I started thinking about Transformed and where I am now, I had so many plans for this year, most of them are still in blueprint form and ITS DECEMBER.

While thinking, I came up with ‘A- Z to starting  a business’ ………. I am going to spend the next couple of months practicing what I preach, in hopes that it would positively improve Transformed.

  1. A – Actively approach your plan’s and ideas:
    Don’t just sit and expect the business to take off, take an active interest in growing the business. Make plans, write down ideas and follow them through. Don’t just write them down, discuss these ideas with friends, they can help with clarity and may suggest easier avenues you may have overlooked.Practice: I discussed some of my ideas with friends and her advise has cut down cost on one of them and put me on the right research. I have also decided, as an active approach to my business, I would wear more of my products and research on the Photography aspect of jewellery to help my online presence.
  2. B – Brand Identity:
    A brand is very important in any business, it is what helps the public identify your product. You need to develop your brand identity i.e. Logo’s, slogan’s, packaging etc. you must also BE YOUR BRAND, live it, be it. If your brand promotes classy and elegant you should portray classy and elegant. It would be odd to portray fun, funky and contemporary when your brand represents classy and Elegant.Practice: I know my brand: Transformed. It makes exquisite handmade jewellery for today’s contemporary woman. Classic jewellery with versatile features that can be worn on special occasions or everyday, for a feel good factor.
  3. C – Contacts:
    Collect Contacts, network in your sector circles. Connect with people who are either doing what you do or have gone through the process, they know the market and can be good sounding boards and wells of advice to a newbie in the market.Practice: I am connecting on various social networks and joining others that I think can help me on my journey. I have also sent out emails to various designers and jewelers who are an inspiration to me, seeking their advice. I have received a few replies and taking note of their advice.
  4. D – Demographic:
    Know your target market. A demographic may be females ages 12 – 35 / Business men / African American women / Students etc. They are the people your product is targeted at. If your target is women age 40 – 65, you would have to streamline your product to the things that appeal to that demographic.Practice: The Transformed demographic is broad, it is targeted at people searching for jewellery that is classic  and adaptable, versatile enough to be worn on special occasions or everyday for a feel good factor.
  5. E – Employ Yourself:
    View yourself not as the CEO but as an employee of your business. My advice? …… give yourself a position in the business i.e. ‘creative director’. You  need to be accountable to the business, arrive on time to meetings, schedule your work hours, be a good representative, pay yourself a salary etc Most times viewing yourself as the owner causes you to mismanage capital (I’m guilty of this) or have sloppy work hours etc.Practice: I now have particular work hours, this includes, research, emailing, making the jewellery and working on the blog. I try to publicise the business whenever I can. I realise that I am an employee so profit belongs to the business while my salary belongs to me.

I wore the ‘QuayeII’ piece to school after reprimanding myself on my lack of publicity for Transformed and guess what?

Someone ordered it.

Here are pictures of Quaye II including creative pictures I made with the crystals before I made the piece.

(my photography skills are still being worked on 😉 )

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I found out the slideshow above doesn’t work on some Blackberry’s so here are the pictures…..



I would update the rest of the other 21 alphabets once I have mastered these.

Be your Brand.