Once again another month has arrived!!! Not just any month but the month of joy, good tidings and lots of cheer. The month of present’s, holidays, Christmas carols and decorations.

Deck the halls!!! Its the month of December!!!!

It herald’s the end of an age and ushers in the coming year, it is a time of celebration…………….the time of CHRISTMAS! when gifts are exchanged and Christian’s celebrate the coming to earth of their Saviour.

Its also a time of sullen reflection on the past year, hopes and dreams, plan’s and intentions, aspirations and promises of change…………….

It can make you quite sad………….

It has been one of those cold and long day’s, I slept really late last night……come to think of it, I didn’t sleep till early this morning.

I went to bed after reading and I just could not shut down, so I started thinking about Transformed and where I am now, I had so many plans for this year, most of them are still in blueprint form and ITS DECEMBER.

While thinking, I came up with ‘A- Z to starting  a business’ ………. I am going to spend the next couple of months practicing what I preach, in hopes that it would positively improve Transformed.

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