Hi transformers!!!! (hahaha, that sounds so silly)

How has everyone been? drop me a line when you can, it would be nice to hear from you.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the strawberry cheesecake bracelet, it’s not done yet as our ‘Dear Friends’ haven’t delivered the Sterling Silver bracelets yet. But not to worry I’ve got Mischa to introduce to you at the end of this post.

I just finished watching a rerun of The X factor UK and one thing struck me…

…people kept talking about being yourself and letting the real ‘you’ shine through. I think this is a cliche

When you tell someone ‘Be yourself’, the usual responses are

‘yeah, yeah, be yourself’ …… followed by a smirk

‘of course I’m myself’

why wouldn’t I be myself?’……. and all the other defenses people give

I just checked the definition of cliche to explain the ‘be yourself phrase’ and it is very apt

A sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse

Wow!….Lost originality, ingenuity and impact……that is so true, no one really takes you seriously when you tell them to be themselves, but it’s really important advice.

The sad reality of it is that most people who aren’t themselves today, pretend to be what they are not, to please others. This doesn’t endear them to you, it pushes you away.

I had a ‘be like someone else’ phase when I was 15 I think, I got tired of being the tomboy, always hanging out with the guys, never the pretty one or the one people oohhh’d over when we walked into a room.

So I thought, ‘why not put together all the attributes I like in other people and revamp myself’…So I talked in a higher pitch, walked in a way I thought was pretty, straightened the back  of the skirt of my uniform when I sat and other stuff like giggling behind your hand…….I tried it for a week and got tired of the act, (you girly girls go through a lot).

a week later, a girl two years ahead of me, (who hated my guts) tells me, she preferred the real me to the act i had on the week before….

I was sooo shocked…..everyone had actually noticed *covering face*.

The phrase ‘Be yourself’ also reminds me of a girl in my Uni, she had the most amazing sleepy eyes I’d seen….opening them just a 1mm slit…..

I always wondered why people who’d known her from high school were irritated by her, till I saw an old picture of hers……

Her eyes were wide as saucers!!!!

It was just an act!!!

What does this have to do with jewellery making? well nothing really.

Its just that I keep getting the feeling that people expect me to make the typical African ceremonial type pieces.

I can make these but they don’t interest me; I like making pieces I’d wear myself, something I can appreciate…..and the ‘engagement type pieces’ don’t appeal much to me either.

What does appeal is the finished streamlined elegance of metal and crystals, pearls or beads, the technique that causes your item to look like a store bought product with the uniqueness of being hand made….

Something that looks stunning on a black dinner dress and amazing on a vest top and jeans…….*daydreams*

…..that’s why I love the LULU so much, it has all these qualities

( I just did something silly, I Googled Lulu images and scrolled through 50 pages, looking for a pic of the LULU, I wish I could say I found it but I didn’t)

Oh well, Lulu IS a common name —> :p Faye)

I’ve been trying to get into the bead jewelry and heavy pieces but it just isn’t me, I prefer chains, crystal and pretty glass, so in being true to my self, I finished a Swarovski bracelet tonight using Swarovski crystallized elements which I bought a year ago *covering face* (that’s a whole other story) …..

………I was on leave at this time last year, so I went to feast my eyes at the Swarovski store on Regent Street and bought as manycrystals as the cash on me could… I used some of the crystals to make a Swarovski piece for a client,

these are pictures of her finished bracelet. (forgive my amateur picture taking skills, I should learn the art of Photoshop)

I promised myself I’d make another one but never got round to doing it. I got the drive tonight and drum role please…….

I finished the bracelet a year and a week behind schedule…. and I call it Mischa!!!!

Enjoy a mini Photo diary of Mischa’s journey over the past one year (yup it’s dedicated to MischaB staying in the X-factor competition tonight)

Mischa has less gems than the first bracelet but I think there is a lot of beauty in simplicity. In addition to the crystals above I added two indicolite coloured crystals to it.

Here are pictures from the 3rd of March 2011, one of the days I thought I’d successful finish it.

….and pictures of the finished bracelet today.

I should get these professionally taken, shouldn’t I?

Here’s a Be yourself Quote I found and love

Any life,

no matter how long and complex it may be,

is made up of a single moment,

…….the moment in which a man finds out,

once and for all,

who he is.

                             —Jorge Luis Borges

Stay true to YOU!