I haven’t blogged since August!!!!!! :O

Hello you!

yes you! ….. I know you’ve missed me.

I have been meaning to put up a post, it’s not like i didn’t want to, but had to settle into a new phase.

What Phase? you ask……..

Masters!!!!! \=D/

Yes, I started Masters!!!!!!

I went back to school *sigh*, studying for an LLM (Masters: Law).

I know I should sound excited but anything that isn’t ‘Transformed’ or has to do with ‘Transformed’ isn’t THAT exciting ( just kidding).

So here I am in my nice cosy looking but cold room, the sun shining through my window, thinking about my day and the reading I have to do. I live in school and I’ve got a really nice room on the top floor of my building, you should see the view……..

Back to jewelery now.

I recently had this brilliant idea to order charms and work them into my pieces to give them a more finished look, so i hooked up with suppliers,spent long hours browsing and making up my mind, ordered some charms and having them delivered.

I wondered why the charms were a little more expensive than I had anticipated, but chalked it up to paying for quality.

I was very pleased when i got the email that my orders had been shipped and decided to confirm the details of the order (feeling really smug about being in business….having suppliers and the like) 😀

Just to find out there was some mistake…. ….they sent the charms by post instead of the reputable delivery company I had requested, fuming I got on to the chat platform and sent an email to the supplier starting with ‘Dear Friend’ (to ease the sting of the mail), then blasted them for all i was worth.

They responded and apologised, explaining why i didn’t get my requested delivery company, stating that they didn’t trust the company, as the charms were Thomas Sabo charms and they couldn’t risk them getting lost….



Thomas What Charms?

I ordered Thomas Sabo Charms? why didn’t they label them? am I supposed to just see them and just guess they are Thomas Sabo?

No wonder they were expensive….

How can I make transformed branded bracelets with THOMAS SABO CHARMS as in really?

I didn’t know what to do for 3 seconds, then started LAUGHING histerically……. (laughing at yourself is therapeutic, you should try it)

Now that I’m done laughing, I’ve decided to make a spin off Thomas Sabo inspired Transformed bracelet and AUCTION them off.

There would only be 6 of these wonderful creations, I’m thinking that my wonderful blog followers should get the first opportunity to buy them, so if you want me to auction them on the blog leave a comment and let me know.

Bidding would start from as low as £26, $42 and N6500 (Unless i get emails and people buy off the cuff) 🙂

Here are some of the gorgeous Thomas Sabo charms

icecream.jpg Bone.jpg Fan.JPG TS 103.jpg Leaf.jpg

Got to really hit my books now, It was great catching up. Would upload a picture of the bracelet when its done.