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Crystal Clear

Hi people,

Its been a tiring weekend, delivered Lanre and Jaiye’s earrings on time today and the loved them ;).

Fara has graciously agreed that our green and gold bracelet be called ‘Avani Lantern’, so I’m creating one that she can write a short paragraph on, watch this space for ‘TRANSATLANTIC NAMING’ (#whisper cos Fara is somewhere in Scotland), hehehe.

I’ve got pictures of a jewelry set I made with sterlin silver and snowflake swarovski crystals. Its very dressy and not for everyday wear.

Behold Crystal clear…

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NTP: Winners

Quick update: It was discussed amongst the transformed crew and we came to the conclusion that since we have only two suggestions by Shyne and Farah, they both win a pair of LULU earrings.

The winning name though is Shyne’s ‘Terreverte: Green Earth’ and with Farah’s permission we believe we have the perfect piece to be called Avani Lantern, a 10carat gold bracelet with green and gold dust swarovski crystals that Farah’s definition best describes.

Please email us at with delivery details for your earrings, and promise to send us a picture with you in your earrings for our blog updates.



The proposed ‘Avani Lantern’ framing a green and gold swarovski cross.

NTP: Name This Piece


Busy crafting two pairs of the Lulu for my friends Lanre and Jaiye (Nita’s cousins)…I’ve got to re do one cluster, so I’m taking a break and decided to start a new category on my blog called “NAME THIS PIECE“.

I’m going to put up a piece once a month (I hope), and ask you guys to suggest names for it. We’ll then vote the best name and the winner …… gets a prize.

The piece I’ve put up today is a green multi strand, multi bead necklace that I made in 2006……I was going to call it clover and blog about the clover leaf, its significance and all, till my friend Ife shoots the Idea in the leg. The necklace she states, apparently isn’t coloured ‘clover’, it’s a darker shade of green.

So I’m leaving the naming game to you guys, Suggest a name within the next 48 hours and on Thursday the 4th of August, 2011 we all vote the best name. I would declare the winner on Friday the 5th of August, 2011.

The person who suggests the winning name gets a FREE gift.

Guess what it is….


So I declare NAME THIS PIECE open!!!

Get naming 😀

NB: updating with my bb, so I don’t think the picture is showing right, u’d have to click on it to see the full image, till I can rectify the issue on my laptop. Have fun guys.

Hi blogville,

I’ve been on a well deserved holiday, it was very short and packed and I was running all over the place. It’s good to be back on etransformed.

I realised people actually think the label is ‘etransformed’ its actually called ‘transformed’ but the blog and e-mail address are the electronic outlet for my creativity, therefore ‘e(electronic)transformed’.

Anyway while I was away I noticed that this summer is a lot about feminine clothes, flower prints, frilly patterns and the like. I realised that one feminine staple is missing though, THE BOW.

In honour of this age-old tradition I made a pearl, agate and Gold necklace, with a pretty chiffon bow, centred with a gold dust Swarovski cube. Its called poppy.

All hail! 

bow to the bow.

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