Lulu: meaning ~ Pearl, Precious.

Hi blogville,

Been having quite a daydreamy day, my head is in the clouds, busy day dreaming about my future website, Transformed’s fashion shoot/ pool party later this year, blog surfing and giving myself a headache from staring at the screen.


Its such a pretty name, it brings to mind the picture of a little cherub faced girl, with blonde ringlets, frilly clothes, a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye….

….I can just see her exasperated socialite mother in her Gucci suit and Louboutin shoes shouting

‘Lulu, get down from there!’

as Lulu tries to climb through the hedge in her frilly frock and fragile stockings,

Lulu just looks back with a smile that melts your heart and brushes her lopsided ribbon to the side

‘I’m just trying to rescue the rabbit, mummy’

….Ok, ok, I’m going off course here, getting sucked into another daydream…..

The thing is, I made a pair of clip on earrings

and after a heated debate and constant disagreement by the ‘TRANSFORMED’ blackberry group, we decided to name the earrings Lulu.

Lulu is simple and elegant enough to wear with your LBD, sky high shoes and hair up on a romantic rendezvous with that special someone 😉 but playful and cheeky enough to wear with your hair down, slinky vest top, ‘always there for you’ jeans and ‘to die for’ shoes on a night out with your girl friends.

I believe that ‘Style is Attitude’ , so owning the Lulu would definitely add some Lulutude to your wardrobe.

Presenting Lulu!!!!!

Have a great weekend. Dont forget to leave a comment.