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Hi people,

I’m sorry i didn’t publish this post, though I drafted it on the 17th of July, Anita won and sends her thanks.

Here’s the message from her:

Anita: We won not one but FIVE awards. The highest number of awards any blog got.\=D/ Introducing Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah the Best blog by a Nigeria-based blogger, best new blog, best personal blog, most inspirational blog and….Nigerian Blog of the year 2011! <=-P I’ too excited to sleep and already feeling the effects of insomnia but we did it! Like Norah Jones at the grammy’s, we came from nowhere and stole the show! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I love and appreciate each and everyone of you. Thanks for voting, thanks for the support and thanks for reading “Memoirs of a Woman with Chutzpah!” I declare today a public holiday and give all glory to God! <=-P *beer* \=D/ ({}) :*

Although the public holiday has passed, I wish you a great month of August…..


Crystal Seven


How’s everyone doing?

Its such a wet and dreary day, I sympathise with you if you live in Lagos, this rain means serious business. It started at 5:20am in Lekki yesterday and hasn’t let up.

Couldn’t get home last night, although my house was 7 minutes away. I wore wellington’s in my friends car because the car was flooded, :s  can you imagine water sloshing at my feet every time he pressed the brake’s?.

I’m tempted to put up pictures from yesterdays hazard but I’ll limit myself to just one…this particular one looks too fake to be true but its one of the consequences of being ‘posh’ and living on the Island.

Talking about Posh, I heard Posh Beck’s had a baby girl…..and guess what the little angel is called HARPER SEVEN!!!

Really? *sigh* I hear Harper was chosen because the name has a nice sound to it and Seven chosen as a second name because she was born on the seventh month at about 7am, and her Dad’s (David’s) jersey number was 7.

I’m showcasing a piece in tribute to the oddest baby name I’ve heard in a while, the piece is called…


Crystal Seven

*Grammy award winner’s voice*

I’d like to thank God, Harper Seven and my blog followers for this inspiration. I named it Crystal Seven because Crystal has a nice Sound to it and Seven because my birthday is on the 7th of September….and also because I’m showcasing it in July.

Crystal Seven is made of swarovski crystal (crystal is the generic name given to colour by Swarovski) and 0.925 sterlin silver head pins, I haven’t attached the clasp in the pictures below but I intend to use 0.925 sterlin silver clasp.

The bracelet is made up of a Swarovski Crystal Bar, 2 Swarovski Crystal Cubes, 2 woven Swarovski Crystal Balls (made up of 16 Swarovski Crystal Bicones) and three sizes of swarovski bicones for the end. I bought these pieces randomly over a period of four months; the bar and some of the bicones, I got at the Swarovski Crystalise Store, off Regents Street in London and the cubes and smaller bicones I got at a store in Lagos.

Here are the pictures of Crystal Seven…the first one shows the original pattern……although I changed my mind as soon as I started crafting.

Have fun today people! 😦 the rain is still having its way,

#whispering so the rain God’s don’t hear: I hope the rain stops so I wouldn’t need a canoe to go home tonight.

Morning everyone,

Just wanted to drop a quick post. Anyone ever heard of the Nigerian Blog Awards? While checking them out I realised there’s also a Naija Blog awards, who’d have thought.

Anyway my friend Jaiye told me about her cousins blog and its pretty funny and cool:

She’s been nominated in 5 categories and we’d really l☺ve her to win them, so please visit her blog and vote at:

I hope I’d be nominated in a few, when my blog is up and running and has paid its respects.

Luv y’all.



Lulu: meaning ~ Pearl, Precious.

Hi blogville,

Been having quite a daydreamy day, my head is in the clouds, busy day dreaming about my future website, Transformed’s fashion shoot/ pool party later this year, blog surfing and giving myself a headache from staring at the screen.


Its such a pretty name, it brings to mind the picture of a little cherub faced girl, with blonde ringlets, frilly clothes, a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye….

….I can just see her exasperated socialite mother in her Gucci suit and Louboutin shoes shouting

‘Lulu, get down from there!’

as Lulu tries to climb through the hedge in her frilly frock and fragile stockings,

Lulu just looks back with a smile that melts your heart and brushes her lopsided ribbon to the side

‘I’m just trying to rescue the rabbit, mummy’

….Ok, ok, I’m going off course here, getting sucked into another daydream…..

The thing is, I made a pair of clip on earrings

and after a heated debate and constant disagreement by the ‘TRANSFORMED’ blackberry group, we decided to name the earrings Lulu.

Lulu is simple and elegant enough to wear with your LBD, sky high shoes and hair up on a romantic rendezvous with that special someone 😉 but playful and cheeky enough to wear with your hair down, slinky vest top, ‘always there for you’ jeans and ‘to die for’ shoes on a night out with your girl friends.

I believe that ‘Style is Attitude’ , so owning the Lulu would definitely add some Lulutude to your wardrobe.

Presenting Lulu!!!!!

Have a great weekend. Dont forget to leave a comment.


Oyin’s Photo Diaries

Hi everyone,

Thank God its Friday time to boogie…….hehehe….do people still use words like that? 🙂

Anyway , the piece i’m showcasing today is called  ‘Oyin’. Oyin means honey in my native language: Yoruba.

The piece is named after my Aunt Oyindamola, cos we came up with the concept together.

It was made to add ‘pizzaz’ to her very elegant low cut LBD.

I took me about a month to get it right, took it apart countless times till I was satisfied.

I’m going to let the pictures tell Oyin’s tale.



Hope you like it, I’ll probably upload a picture of it on a model before the weekend is over.

Here’s the picture I promised……you like?

Have fun guys, live it up its Friday.


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